Driving is a such an important task for live a life connected to the community. However it requires a lot of energy, concentration, planning and mutitasking. Things that people with mental health conditions struggle with.

Here are some strategies I have used to help me get back into driving.

First getting back into driving.

✅ Supervision first. Can you get someone to help supervise your driving on the weekends to help build your confidence. On those trips when I was too tired we would swap so I could rest.

✅ Drive short trips initially to regain your confidence and build your concentration.

✅ Drive to places you are familiar with and have a reward in place. I started driving short trips to my local op shop.

✅ Avoid driving in changed weather conditions and at peak times.


My drive to and from work is a long drive. During unwell times I struggle to remain safe whilst driving. E.g. I shut my eyes, drive with no hands and have gotten out of my car to run across a busy freeway.


🐶 Get a driving buddy! Lily is my safety net. Patting her is grounding and she keeps me focused. Since I’ve had lily in the car I have made no attempts to hurt myself in the car. Once I tried, but I remember she was in the car and I stopped.

💦 Keep hydrated, it will help you focus.

😎 If you have certain sensitives keep a relief kit in the car. I keep sunnies in the car and essential oils.

🙏🏻 Pray before you drive. If you don’t prayer focus on a positive quote or affirmation. I pray for friends and family it helps me focus on love.

🎵 Listen to positive music and music that helps you stay present. Organise this before you start driving to avoid becoming frustrated with radio ads e.g I listen to gospel music and Mumford and Sons it gives me hope.

🍃 Stop for breaks if you can

🚦At the lights focus on your breathing and check your posture.

🍫Notice and respond to your comfort needs are you cold, hot, uncomfortable, music too loud, hungry. Muesli bars are great for the car.

🚘 Fill up your car the day before an important trip it will reduce stress.

🧣Keep a blanket in your car. I place it on my lap sometimes as a weight to keep me grounded.

📱 Text a loved one before and after you drive. It will help keep you accountable. Keep their photo on your dash.

Please share and post any tips!

Happy travels! 🚗

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