How to use Earthing

Earthing or otherwise know as grounding is a favourable strategy I use to minimise anxiety and dissociation. Evidence suggests that through grounding the Earth’s electrons are conducted to the human body, bringing it to the same electric potential as the earth.

I believe that the earth has healing potential and as research suggests can shift the body from a sympathetic to parasympathetic state (relaxes us).

My favourite place is to sit outside on the Earth’s surface with my tree supporting me. In this process, I focus on synchronising my breathing, mind and body against the Earth and tree. I imagine I am the tree strong and stable. My roots sink deep into the Earth and I cannot be shaken.

I have used this strategy to help me attend groups and appointments and by doing so I am in control of the space and how my body feels in the space.

I also sit on the floor of the shower. Obviously not ideal for elderly patients with hip precautions!

But by sitting I am able to be mindful of the act of showering, combat the fatigue of standing, reduce rumination and actually enjoying the hot water. This has really helped when days go by and I realise I have not showered.

Through practice and when exposed to stressful situations, I can now imagine or look at photos of myself by my tree, my safe space where I am one with my breath, body, mind and Earth.

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