You are Deserving of Life

For all the people with BPD or people who are treated poorly by others, you deserve love. 
It’s too easy for us to be made to feel unloved. 
To be told we are selfish, manipulative, the bad guy, the biggest stress in someone’s life, undeserving of medical care, love and affection. To feel as if we choose to have BPD. Or we can choose to wake up and end this suffering. To be made to feel like we are putting on our illness. And just being “positive” can solve the hurt and trauma you’ve experienced.

We hate ourselves with such an intensity we havelearnt to accept that. We have been shown that. You don’t deserve to keeprelationships that reinforce that.

It’s not selfish to walk awayfrom someone who is hurting you. It’s not wrong to say I deserve more than youractions. It’s not wrong to realise you need to put yourself first than chasingthings in life that hurt you so deeply.

You are not unlovable. You are not someone’s burden. You are not undeserving of friendships, or relationships and life. 
I know the hurt you feel. It’s unbearable.

Please, please don’t let someone’s quick words be the result of a life taking irreversible decision. Because You are beautiful, unique and so loved, I love you and Christ loves you. 

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