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GUEST WRITER LISA LICCIARDI – shares her important healthy eating tips! As someone who struggles with eating this is great advice

I am not a fan of the word “diet”. This to me implies a temporary phase that may include a reduction in the amount of food consumed or exclusion of food types to achieve a particular goal, such as weight loss. Rather, I like to consider that our food choices and patterns create healthy habits that improve how we feel, our productivity and positively influencing our body composition; if that is an area of someone wishes to change. Consider this, a “healthy lifestyle”. The way YOU choose to steer your life in considering your own health, wellness, prosperity and self-care.

In creating sustainable patterns that lead to personal goals as mentionedi above, here are some strategies that I have embraced as part of my own and my families’ lifestyle. I hope you find some value in these ideas in the evolution of self in enhancing your own health and wellbeing – both mentally and physically!

My practical tips include:

Examine your Shops

Simple Swaps

Eat regularly

  • In general, most people feel they have more energy and feel better in general when they eat regularly. By this I mean every few hours. A typical day may look like breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. This helps to keep your metabolism firing too! Great for maintaining a healthy weight and energy levels throughout the day.
  • Try to incorporate a food that contains protein with every meal. This fuel source helps you to feel satisfied, setting you up for better food choices with meals throughout the day as you are less likely to experience cravings. Examples of protein food sources include lean meats, nuts, yoghurts, eggs, seeds. Learning to read nutritional panels of foods can assist building your understanding of the nutrients contained in your foods.

Lisa Licciardi

Personal Trainer & Occupational Therapist

Facebook: Lisa Licciardi – fitness & health

Instagram: @lisa_licciardi


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