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Something I’m not great at is looking after is my physical health. It’s like my mental health has completely consumed the energy I have to look after my physical well-being. But as Ozias shared the two are not isolated and greatly influence each other. 
So if you’re like me I hope to journey with you. I’ll be posting some of my physical workouts and my meals.

Here is today’s workout!!

Thebodyproject has awesome workouts which are tailored to different intensities and durations. So you can go at your own pace. 👌
No sign-up, you just watch on YouTube. Which means days you are not feeling well you can still try to do some movement in your house 🏠 👩🏽‍💻

I get bored easily with exercise but the body project mixes its exercises up, which helps me feel connected to all my muscles. And there is no spinning to send your senses into overdrive.

It’s also a husband and wife team and their joking makes me laugh and forget how hard I’m working.

It has a warm up, breaks and cool down included. 
There is a segment of boxing. I love boxing for getting the tension out of my arms. But if you need to avoid it, I suggest checking out their other workouts to see what suits your needs.

Hope to see a pic of you getting your sweat on. 😅


💚🐶 Laura

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