Packing for ED

Following Laura’s post about having a hospital bag, I thought I’d share what I keep in mine (it’s just a normal rucksack to be honest). I’m thankful that it’s used a lot less these days. but I do tend to take it to A&E even if I’m 99% sure I won’t be admitted because hospital waits can be boring, and I’d rather be prepared in case I am admitted; hospital pyjamas aren’t really my colour….

-As a millennial, the MOST important thing for me is a portable battery pack for my phone/ipod šŸ˜›
-A spare oyster card (or loose change for bus fare in case you’re allowed home but don’t drive, because I always forget to take mine when I leave the house)
-Small amount of cash
-A book/magazine to read (I’ve taken uni work/articles in the past because I found I’d berate myself for wasting time sat doing nothing in A&E so this way, I feel semi-productive at least)
-Mints or gum
-A drink/squash to put in a glass of water (hospital water tastes funny!)
-Spare t-shirt
-A spare pair of Boxers/socks etc etc
-Regular medication list
-A small teddy (this is mildly embarrassing as a 25 y/o man BUT when you’re attending A&E alone, it can be a scary experience and sometimes having something familiar and soft can be really soothing) (it also gives the nurses something to talk about other than why you’re in A&E which is a welcome relief!)
-A list of what you do and don’t respond well to (sometimes called a Crisis Management Plan). Do you struggle with a very quiet or very loud environment? Do you struggle with being in a single occupancy room? Do you have a tendency to abscond etc

Our wards provide toothbrush, toothpaste, soap etc but I’m not sure if this is the same elsewhere, so maybe also a travel toiletries set too

Do you have a hospital bag?
Ozias šŸ§

#mentalhealth #OT4BPD


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