BPD Memes

Do you love memes?

Memes can be a helpful way in understanding our behaviour with a lightheartedness and sense of humour.

For me memes have helped me find laughter when I am really struggling with particular features of BPD.
I also send BPD memes to my husband as a way of validating his experience of BPD.

So to help me in my self-acceptance of Borderline Personality Disorder I made a poster of memes to help understand the diagnosis.

I hope it helps you find some humour in a tough situation.

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Founder of OT for BPD. Mental health Advocate; Occupational Therapy Teacher and Researcher Australia “As an occupational therapist diagnosed with BPD I will use this page to share about the various interventions and strategies that are helpful to those with BPD. I will also share about the positive and sometimes challenging approaches that health professionals have used in my treatment in emergency, inpatient, outpatient and community settings. I hope that by sharing my lived experience I can help improve the experience of those struggling to understand Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD) and also support those living with BPD and other mental health challenges Most importantly we will share how occupation can powerfully help change lives!" Laura

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