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As a community member with a service dog, I have experienced numerous encounters with business owners who would not let me enter their business. This has made going shopping, doing my mail and banking, or eating at local cafe’s extremely stressful for myself, my husband and Lily (my service dog).

On numerous occasions, we have been told to leave the premises, which is against laws protecting people with a service dog.

To raise awareness of the discrimination that is occurring and reduce this from occurring, I am asking business owners to partner with OTforBPD and join The Welcomed List.

The Welcomed List

To have your business listed on “The Welcomed List” you will need to:

  • Be aware of (Australian) Federal and State laws protecting the rights of people with service dogs
  • Be aware that service dogs come in all shape, sizes and breeds.
  • Be aware that service dogs can fulfil many purposes such as helping people who a visually impaired, who have a mental health condition, who have a hearing impairment, who have mobility issues and many other conditions!
  • And encourage other businesses in your area to become familiar with laws protecting those who have a registered service dog
  • The following information can be found below


After reviewing this information please contact Laura at
In your email please include your business details so that we can add you to “The welcomed list”.
We will also send you a PDF poster that you can place at your storefront so that people with disabilities, their friends and family know they can feel safe and welcomed at your site.

In return, your business will be seen by the thousands of community members, followers and partners who are engaged with OTforBPD.

To understand how assistance dogs help people with mental health conditions please see here



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