Challenging Thoughts

Ever had a thought that would not go away? A thought that started to control your life and how you looked at your self and others?

These thoughts my be deeply ingrained, they may be fears you hold and beliefs you have never analysed. It is important that we keep our minds healthy by starting to question what we hold on to and start to think is this 100% true?.

Thoughts unchallenged can stop up from doing the things we love including the activities that are important to us and keep us healthy.

Example of thoughts I have/ and keep challenging include

  • I am going to have an accident when I drive
  • Everybody is going to leave me
  • I am no good at study unless I get a HD
  • If I eat certain treat food I will regain all the weight I had previously lost
  • I am fat and overweight
  • If I don’t exercise every day of the week I will regain all the weight I had lost.
  • I am not a good person, I am selfish.
  • I am not a good friend.
  • I always say the wrong things
  • That person doesn’t like me

So here are 7 questions I try to use to challenge my thoughts when they are starting to make me worried, down or stressed.

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