Collaborative goal setting and Physiotherapy

This week I was talking to my physio about how I needed to follow up on some health care appointments.

I told her that because all my mental health appointments had taken priority I hadn’t been able to have my regular blood tests for a blood condition I have.

After providing validation and empathy she said “I struggle to see the Optometrist, although that’s not the same as a blood tests which are not fun. It’s hard to find time”

She then responded by saying “If you go to have a blood test. I will go to the Optometrist you”

I thought. Wow. How collaborative are you. True collaborative goal setting lol.
She’s most likely to follow up. So I do feel accountable but in a good way.

Instead of educating our patients what to do. Maybe we should partner with them on a journey of wellbeing together.

Have you ever tried to use this goal setting approach with a client?

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