A letter to all of those suffering in silence

A letter to all of those suffering in silence.

Ever since I was little, I was surrounded by information and news and discussions around physical health and physical illness. I heard about diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, weight loss, weight gain, an endless list. Why did I never hear these same discussions being had about mental health and mental illness? Mental health is so important. The importance of mental health and wellbeing is a whole different area that I won’t delve into right now. But at the moment what’s on my mind, is the devastating impact that chronic mental illness can have on a person. I think that, for the sake of being completely raw and honest, never having gone through it myself I struggle to wrap my head around what it would truly be like to live with a chronic mental health condition. But I am starting to understand. Individuals who live with mental illness are the strongest amongst us all. They cover it up so well. They are so strong and so determined. And for the most part none of us see what they go through on a daily or weekly or monthly basis. We just don’t. Sometimes we are lucky, and we are presented with individuals who use their mental illness as a platform to help themselves and others to grow. And they share their raw moments. They help us to understand the true severity and impact that a serious mental illness can have on a person. It can impact EVERYTHING. Your self-care, your productivity levels, your relationships, your ability to get dressed in the morning and so much more. It breaks my heart. It’s not fair and it’s not something that anyone in the world deserves to go through. It pains me to know that right now as I am typing this, there are so many people suffering. Suffering silently. Thinking that they are weak because they cannot overcome these terrible and debilitating thoughts that they are experiencing. Thinking ‘why can’t this just go away.’ And to those people I want to say: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that you are going through this right now and have been for so long. I’m sorry that the world can be so cruel. I’m sorry that I have never truly been able to understand exactly what you have to go through on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. But I also want to tell you that you ARE going to make it through this. You are so powerful and strong and determined. If you weren’t then you wouldn’t be here right now. There’s a reason that you are here. You are meant to be in this world and in this life. You have so much potential, so much courage, and so much to be here for. I know that these words can’t help you. But you are going to survive whatever it is you are going through. You are not alone. And I will keep doing my best to try and understand. You deserve love, you deserve empathy, you deserve happiness, you deserve to feel free of all the negative thoughts and emotions that are stopping you from leading your most fulfilled and happy life. And you will get there. You will.

– Anya 🌻❤️


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