Mindfulness Walking

Yesterday I went for a mindfulness walk. This is something I try to do twice a week. Sometimes I do it with photography or in a group.

Using the principles of curiosity and openness I focus on trying to explore my senses sight, taste, touch, taste and smell. As I take the path I normally walk my mind is transformed into a clear landscape where my thoughts and emotions do not control how I interpret the world. Instead of walking with haste and feeling outside pressures, I stop and appreciate the world God has wonderfully and creatively made.

I notice familiar and comforting smells that I can feel engaging different parts of my mind. I taste items that cultivate my taste buds and feel the suns rays refuelling my body as I breathe the earth in. I can notice the process of decay and ageing as a necessary part of rejuvenation and growth.

My mind is still and quiet. The natural energy of the environment has rejuvenated me and my mind is refreshed for another day.


*sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed I only focus on one sense instead of all five. This process is very grounding.

Until then… Have a day,   

Love Laura

Founder of OT for BPD

Published by Beyond Personality Disorders

Founder of My Potential Mental health Advocate; Occupational Therapy Teacher and Researcher Australia “As an occupational therapist diagnosed with BPD I will use this page to share about the various interventions and strategies that are helpful to those with BPD. I will also share about the positive and sometimes challenging approaches that health professionals have used in my treatment in emergency, inpatient, outpatient and community settings. I hope that by sharing my lived experience I can help improve the experience of those struggling to understand Borderline Personality Disorders (BPD) and also support those living with BPD and other mental health challenges Most importantly we will share how occupation can powerfully help change lives!" Laura

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