Mindfulness Walking

Yesterday I went for a mindfulness walk. This is something I try to do twice a week. Sometimes I do it with photography or in a group.

Using the principles of curiosity and openness I focus on trying to explore my senses sight, taste, touch, taste and smell. As I take the path I normally walk my mind is transformed into a clear landscape where my thoughts and emotions do not control how I interpret the world. Instead of walking with haste and feeling outside pressures, I stop and appreciate the world God has wonderfully and creatively made.

I notice familiar and comforting smells that I can feel engaging different parts of my mind. I taste items that cultivate my taste buds and feel the suns rays refuelling my body as I breathe the earth in. I can notice the process of decay and ageing as a necessary part of rejuvenation and growth.

My mind is still and quiet. The natural energy of the environment has rejuvenated me and my mind is refreshed for another day.


*sometimes when I’m feeling overwhelmed I only focus on one sense instead of all five. This process is very grounding.

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