The 2020 Growing Together Program


The 2020 Growing Together is a set of modules (lessons) whereby we learn about what makes up mental health and how we can enhance our mental health.

Each fortnight a lesson plan will be posted.

This lesson plan will include objectives that we will work towards in learning about looking after ourselves and our loved ones.

The aim is that you will gain skills in living your life with greater meaning and purpose and that you can participate in life to fullest whilst living with a mental illness.

Example of topics covered include:

  • Mental well being
  • Eating well
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Setting goals
  • Good care
  • Routines
  • Self-Care
  • Mindfulness
  • Technology
  • Introduction to emotions
  • Body acceptance

What is included in each module?

occupational therapy
  • An encouraging quote
  • Videos of helpful living tips
  • Practice resources you to use to make life easier
  • Easy to read fact sheets to print off
  • Links to other evidenced-based organisations
  • An art activity related to the topic
  • Community engagement
  • A facebook group/community where you can easily upload your progress for the week
  • Encouragement from Laura who is a registered health care provider towards reaching your individual goals

Who are the modules for?

Anyone that wants to learn more about looking after their mental and physical health this includes people with or without a disability. We are all about creating healthy communities for everyone.

For health care professionals to get ideas for delivering health-promoting strategies for their clients.

When do the modules start?

The modules start in January 2020.


The modules are inclusive in your membership fee for the year

What I do not provide?

OT for BPD does not provide crisis and emergency support. If you are in crisis you need to call 000 or your relevant emergency support numbers. In addition, this course does not provide 1:1 counselling to members, including providing advice to do with obtaining a medical diagnosis.

This course should not be considered your only form of psychological support. Rather an addition to supporting yourself in conjunction with your medical team.

Laura’s Background: 

Laura is a qualified occupational therapist with experience in mental health and education. As someone diagnosed with a serious mental illness I understand the difficulties in trying to find simple to understand material and how hard it is to put these strategies into our lives. I am passionate about evidenced-based resources. This means I try to seek out the best (most credible and relevant) strategies, and knowledge available to help live my life.

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

If you have any queries please contact Laura at

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