What can I do to help my recovery process?

What can I do to help my recovery process?

Get Connected with a team of health care professionals

There are many treatments, support options and professionals willing to help you. Before progressing to the other modules in the 2020 Grow Course is it important that you have people such as a doctor, a psychologist, and psychiatrist supporting you. There are also many other important health care professionals that you could speak to your GP about accessing such as occupational therapy, social work, nursing, nutrition and physiotherapy.

Every body’s team looks different.

Get Connected with Peers

There are many online support groups available.

I recommend checking out The Mighty which is a website and app where you can talk with other people struggling with disability and illness and read articles where people share their strategies for living with a mental illness.

Think about talking with a friend that you can trust.

Ask your GP about any mental health groups located in your area. I attend an art therapy group and absolutely love it. But there are many different therapy groups out there.

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Start Making a Connection with Yourself

  1. Start to think about what it is that you want to do in your everyday life.
  2. What are the goals that you are hoping to achieve?
  3. What are the things I struggle with?
  4. Where do I need more support and help?
  5. What do I value in my life?
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