Medication quick tips

Medication quick tips

πŸ’Š Purchase a pill organiser. Or ask your pharmacist to pack them for you. Some do it free of charge. Remembering to take your meds can be tricky. I know I forget at times. This makes it a lot easier

πŸ’Š keep your scripts at your pharmacy or in your wallet. I prefer in my wallet. Sometimes I’m disorganised. If I have my scripts in my wallet regardless of what/where I am. I can access medication.

πŸ’Š keep your PRN or additional required medication in an easy place to remember. Mine is always in the pocket of my bag. Or sometimes in my wallet. When you need your anti anxiety Meds you don’t want to be stressed looking for them.

πŸ’Š keep spare meds in special places. E.g. locked away in your work office desk and in your car.

πŸ’Š take your meds regularly as possible. Make a routine. Use a reminder in your phone.

πŸ’Š pair your meds with an activity you do every day. Breakfast + meds or brushing your teeth + meds.

Always check with your doctor and pharmacist before making any changes to your medications.

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