Doing a Scoping Review?

Here you will find resources that I have found helpful in doing my PhD scoping reviews.

I will be continually updating these resources



Munn, Z., Peters, M.D.J., Stern, C. et al. Systematic review or scoping review? Guidance for authors when choosing between a systematic or scoping review approach. BMC Med Res Methodol 18, 143 (2018).

Peters MDJ, Godfrey C, McInerney P, Munn Z, Tricco AC, Khalil, H. Chapter 11: Scoping Reviews (2020 version). In E. Aromataris & Z. Munn (Editors). JBI Reviewer’s Manual, JBI, 2020. Available from

Pham, M. T., Rajić, A., Greig, J. D., Sargeant, J. M., Papadopoulos, A., & McEwen, S. A. (2014). A scoping review of scoping reviews: advancing the approach and enhancing the consistency. Research Synthesis Methods5(4), 371–385.

Unsworth, C. (2020). Writing systematic, scoping and app reviews: summarising and appraising best evidence. British journal of Occupational Therapy, 85(5), 277-284. Doi: 10.1177/0308022620914464

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