DBT Skill Opposite Action

The DBT skill of Opposite Action for a Low Mood

As part of the DBT recovery skill group, we will be learning skills such as ‘opposite action’ to help with coping with our emotions.

One weekend I was feeling very low, teary and had no motivation to leave the bed. So I went through my bank of skills and identified ‘opposite action’ as a good one to trial.

This DBT skill helps us to identify that our emotions do serve a function however if I followed my urges every time I was feeling down I would be avoiding living my life. I would choose to stay in bed and avoid getting dressed and starting my day. Ultimately leaving me feeling even worse about the situation as I didn’t achieve any of my self-care goals.

The opposite for me when I am feeling low is to move my body. It is hard! But once I am moving that negative energy from my body and nervous system I am feeling more rejuvenated, more hopeful and less lethargic.

So if today is one of those difficult days where you are feeling tired, low and not motivated. Set a couple of activities for yourself that involves you to get out of bed and move around.

– cleaning

– doing the dishes

– taking 10 breaths of fresh air outside

– calling a friend

– have a shower

– walk to your letterbox and back

– put on some uplifting music

Let me know what works for you,

There are still spots available if you would like to join the recovery group!

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