Creative Arts for Recovery

“Creativity is a life-force energy that flows like a river through each of us. Dam it up and we become physically ill, blocked and physically stressed” Rogers (1993)

Creative activities are important for our health and well-being. They can help us build our self esteem, provide motivation and hope and help us to problem solve some of life’s difficulties.

Creative activities provide opportunities to learn vital skills needed for employment such as persistence, making decisions, following rules and working within a group environment (Tubbs & Drake, 2012).

In My Potential’s Creative Arts group you will learn and explore many skills needed for daily living. You do not need to be “artistically talented” or “creative”. Just willing and open to learning:

The Art Room

Skills you will learn

  • Develop your social network
  • Explore alternative ways for expressing emotions
  • Build your sense of who you are, your strengths and values]
  • Exploring sensory soothing strategies
  • Explore alternative methods for connecting with our selves through objects, materials and movement
  • Explore ways to communicate our needs to other
  • Learn and practice mindfulness skills

Occupational therapy is covered by some private health insurance companies.

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