Are you fit to supervise?

Are you fit to supervise?

There are many fabulous OTs out there advocating for the rights of consumers with personality disorders.

However, there are health care professionals who still choose to discriminate against those with mental health conditions, who use their power to make people feel powerless, and make observing students doubt the profession all together.

This week I’ve herd numerous stories of students feeling bullied by someone’s inappropriate use of being an educator and OT.

It’s discrimination to label people with borderline as time wasters, selfish, self consumed and as playing up.

1 in 10 people with BPD choose to end their life. You are contributing to reducing or perhaps increasing this statistic.

Please don’t sit there in silence while your colleague chooses to discriminate against any client, population or condition.

Remember that we are client centred professionals who advocate for the rights of all to access health care support.

Thankyou to those who have shared your stories with me.
Thankyou to the health care providers that have decided to change the landscape of those with BPD.

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