Managing Distress for Borderline Personality Disorder

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The module Managing Distress aims to help participants to understand what is distress and how can I learn to cope through difficult emotions and situations. The 6 week program invites participants to learn Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills of ‘Distress Tolerance’.

Goals/ Objectives

Skill I will learn in this module

  • Gain an understanding of why and how my body responds to stress
  • To be empowered in utilising a range of strategies in helping me control my stress levels
  • To become more confident in using distress tolerance skills in a range of different and sometimes stressful environments such as social gatherings, working, volunteering  and accessing the community.
  • Learn to reduce the intensity and length of which I experience distressing emotions
  • Developing a beginning understanding of self-soothing
  • Learn quick, easy and cost-effective strategies to reduce my stress response
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  • Do you experience intense emotions?
  • Do you have a range of strategies in place to help you manage stressful emotions?

This course will step you through the maze of questions you may have about Borderline Personality Disorder and managing intense emotions in a safe and empathetic environment.

Background/ Overview:

This course was developed by Laura Thyer who has a diagnosis of BPD. Through research and lived experience, this module would be beneficial for anyone new to a diagnosis of BPD and is findings themselves feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Treatment approaches:

  • Recovery Framework
  • Occupation based interventions
  • Creative arts and activities
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Skills
  • Sensory Integration
  • Goal setting approaches

Weekly Structure

Week 1: Overview: Understanding Distress

Week 2: Accepting Distress

Week 3: Improving Distress

Week 4: Soothing Distress

Week 5: Radically Accepting stressful situations

Week 6: Module Recap: Moving forward with Stress


Duration: 3 hours per week
Length: 6 weeks
Dates: To be announced
Time: TBA

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