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Are you the director of a company that provides support for complex clients? Are you experiencing a high turn over of staff?

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Laura the director of My Potential provides staff training and consulting. Unlike other training services, Laura has a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and is an Mental Health Occupational Therapist. This diagnosis enables her to see through the mind of a consumer in crisis, to a therapist providing care and the risks of being a business owner.

Laura has assisted on numerous research and staff development programs including lecturing at Monash University to Occupational Therapy students. assisting in developing training for emergency workers in stressful situations and inpatient setting staff at Peninsula Health and contributing to the development of the Allied Health Capability Framework. Currently Laura is completing her Doctorial studies into the use of creativity for the treatment of trauma.

What will I learn from the Program/ Services?

Knowledge and experience gained through training courses:

  • Deeper understanding of the impact of trauma on your clients daily activities
  • How to respond to clients in distress with helpful strategies
  • Better understand environmental triggers that may cause emotional distress for your clients
  • Help explore and challenge any negative held beliefs and perceptions about your clients.
  • Gain better insight into your clients’ behavioural patterns
  • Gain knowledge of resources and supports to support your life long learning
  • Gain insight into how you can better support your staff and clients achieve their goals
  • Explore self-care strategies to use when working with complex clients
  • Identify areas that you are performing well in as an organisation and areas for improvement

Why invest in staff training?

Training will assist in:

  • reducing staff turn over
  • increase the satisfaction of your staff and clients
  • Providing more client-centred, evidenced-based, trauma informed care
  • Reduce potential behaviours of concern
  • Strengthen your organisations culture of providing sensitive and consumer informed care
  • Gain insights into the type of staff you should be hiring and skills needed to work with your clients
  • And overall, to increase everyone’s overall happiness and joy to come to work

If this sounds like something you need, please call 0403 163 339 or email Laura at

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