Bill Wong- Autisim

Title: Is getting licensed enough? Perspective from an accomplished autistic OT practitioner?

Aim: Provide discussions on how neurotypical OT practitioners can be better allies for autistic OT students and practitioners in providing opportunities to make positive differences for autistic community.


Bill is an autistic occupational therapist licensed in the United States since 2012. He received his masters and clinical doctorate degrees in occupational therapy from University of Southern California in 2011 and 2013, respectively. His primary work setting is in skilled nursing facility setting. He is also an adjunct faculty at Stanbridge University for its MSOT and OTA programs. Bill is the only OT student or practitioner to have given more than 1 TEDx talk, as well as organizing at least 1 TEDx event.

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OTD, adjunct professor at Stanbridge University (USA)

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