Janelle Gullan- Birth injury – Perineal Tears, Scar Tissue and Prolapse

Janelle Gullan

Owner and occupational therapist, The Wild Orange Tree

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Title: My vagina Isn’t Broken: Moving Beyond the Physical for Hope and Recovery After Birth Injury

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore rite of passage and matrescence as an essential paradym from which to understand birth injury and pelvic floor challenges
  • Learn how our doing, being, becoming and belonging lives energetically in our body and pelvic bowel, impacting recovery and physical body structures
  • Integrate physical hands on strategies with psychological strategies for integrated body care following birth injury

About Janelle

Janelle is an occupational therapist with additional body work training. She supports mothers to connect to their body so they can navigate mothering transitions with self-love, confidence and vitality. With a focus on pelvic health, mental health and menstrual cycles, she explores rite of passage and the ways feminine transitions impact roles, relationships, participation and joy. Her work brings together wellbeing for the head, heart and womb and is strongly influenced by her own mothering journey.

Her private practice is based in Melbourne, Australia, with online support and mentoring also available.



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