The Lived Experience OT Summit

The Lived Experience OT Summit

Kier Harding
Separating Those Who Experience Difficulties from Those Who Help With Them- An Exercise in Futility

Bill Wong
Is Getting Licensed Enough? Perspective From An Accomplished Autistic OT Practitioner

Georgia Vine
Cerebral Palsy, Occupational Therapy and Blogging

Gretchen Brown
Stereotypes: What They Are and How to Overcome Them

Janelle Gullan
My Vagina Isn’t Broken: Moving Beyond the Physical for Hope and Recovery After Birth Injury – Sponsored by The Wild Orange Tree

Mark Russi
Disability and Occupational Identity

Megan Hanks
Practice Education and Allied Health Students with a Disability

Rachel Rowlands
Applying Occupational Therapy Principles to Manage Living with Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and Endometriosis

Samanfer Jefferies
Occupations for Life

Vanessa Yanez
OT in Oncology: Enhancing Occupational Performance and Quality of Life Across the Cancer Care Continuum

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