Strategies for Self-Disclosure

Recently I was asked some brilliant questions by an occupational therapy student. Including: where would you as a clinician draw the line when sharing personal experiences with consumers?
This blog explores some strategies when thinking about using your lived experience.

Are you fit to practice?

Fitness to Practice as a studentFrom Ozias 🐧 Speaking as someone who had a few Fitness to Practice reviews while doingContinue reading “Are you fit to practice?”

Anatomy of a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group session

Currently I’m attending a 20-week Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group class. I’ll be blogging about my experiences and what I learn.

Activities to do when you are angry

Anger is a valid and vital emotion for looking after ourselves. It lets us know that we have been hurt,Continue reading “Activities to do when you are angry”

The 2020 Growing Together Program

OT for BPD is developing its first learning program! The 2020 Growing Together is a set of modules (lessons) whereby we learn about what makes up mental health and how we can enhance our life to live with increased purpose and meaningfulness.

Why Blog as an Occupational Therapy Student?

10 reasons why you should blog as an occupational therapy student!

Fitness to Practice as a Student with a Disability

Speaking as someone who had a few Fitness to Practice reviews while doing my undergrad, and am now facing one as a postgrad, I know how terrifying this process can be. And it can evoke a lot of anger and resentment towards uni too, and that’s important to acknowledge, but use that to fuel your passion further! I wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk through how I prepared for my FtP reviews

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