Grocery Shopping with a disability

Do you find shopping hard? Overwhelming, painful or exhausting? This post shares energy saving strategies you could use to make shopping easier for you and your family

Helpful tips for exercising when depressed

During my low periods exercising, particularly in winter is exceptionally hard. If you are like me, my ideal exercise routineContinue reading “Helpful tips for exercising when depressed”

Looking after your mental and physical health

When we think of physical and mental health, we often jump to the more serious end of the spectrum, diabetes, Cardiovascular disease etc, and overlook the impact even a minor illness can have.

The 2020 Growing Together Program

OT for BPD is developing its first learning program! The 2020 Growing Together is a set of modules (lessons) whereby we learn about what makes up mental health and how we can enhance our life to live with increased purpose and meaningfulness.

Slow cookers – a game-changer for cooking with a disability

Cooking dinner has been a nightmare for me while managing my illness. When I arrive home from uni, all IContinue reading “Slow cookers – a game-changer for cooking with a disability”

Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes

The weather is a common trigger for people with mental health difficulties. For some, summer can be really tough asContinue reading “Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes”

Music for Recovery

I cannot praise how much music helps me. When I’m sleeping, getting ready for work, driving, at work, exercising, crying in bed, when I’m doing art and the list goes on.

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