Looking after your mental and physical health

When we think of physical and mental health, we often jump to the more serious end of the spectrum, diabetes, Cardiovascular disease etc, and overlook the impact even a minor illness can have.

Why BPD needs a Physio

Recent evidence suggests that people with BPD can experience increased pain such as chronic migraines and muscles aches and generalised pain. Its not unreasonable to make this connection.

Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes

The weather is a common trigger for people with mental health difficulties. For some, summer can be really tough asContinue reading “Mental illness and the Weather – Coping with the changes”

Music for Recovery

I cannot praise how much music helps me. When I’m sleeping, getting ready for work, driving, at work, exercising, crying in bed, when I’m doing art and the list goes on.

Showering with Depression, Trauma and Pain

The updated * Showering with depression, disability and trauma. With downloadable resource guide for clinicians and consumers.

Kick starting a healthier you!

GUEST WRITER LISA LICCIARDI – shares her important healthy eating tips! As someone who struggles with eating this is great advice

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