Providing Recovery Support through Lived Experienced Clinicians Groups At My Potential, we value working in groups with our peers to support each of us to reach our potential. Some of these groups and their topics are listed below. But the most important thing is you get to choose which groups you would like to beContinue reading “Groups”

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists are health care providers that help people from all walks of life. We are therapists that are focused on supporting people to participate in their valued daily activities or occupations. This is anything and everything that you do in your daily life that helps you live, and gives your life purpose including: selfContinue reading “Occupational Therapy”

Returning to work after lockdown

Similar to most of us, I have spent the past three months focusing on changing my routine and finding new hobbies and occupations to adapt to the rise of the pandemic, coronavirus. One of the main parts of my life that has changed has been my employment. As for many of us, the main changeContinue reading “Returning to work after lockdown”

Creating a Sleep Routine

A sleep routine can be hard to stick to. This routine can be particularly hard if you sleep in different locations, work night or late shifts, have a disability or struggle to switch off from the stress of the day. This post is part of a series looking at sleep.

11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness

I often get asked, “how did you accept that you have BPD?”. There is no simple answer to this as everyone’s life history and values are different. However, through reflecting there are some things that I know that has helped me accept that I have this chronic illness. The Past:When my doctor first suggested theContinue reading “11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness”

Grocery Shopping with a disability

Do you find shopping hard? Overwhelming, painful or exhausting? This post shares energy saving strategies you could use to make shopping easier for you and your family

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