Georgia Vine

Cerebral Palsy, Occupational Therapy and Blogging

  • I have lived experience of Cerebral Palsy which affects all 4 limbs and my speech (this being the short explanation of course).
  • I am a disabled activist and writer of the blog Not So Terrible Palsy which I have used to make sense of my journey as a disabled occupational therapy student and now qualified occupational therapist.
  • An ambassador for CP Teens UK. 
  • A founding member of AbleOTUK a support network for occupational therapists with lived experienced of disability.
  • Last month I was named a Rising Star in the #DisabilityPower100 publication. 

Access Presentation Here


The aim of the presentation is to address how blogging has allowed me to reflect on the ableism I have faced as a disabled occupational therapy graduate and how this has activated my desire to reach my full potential.


1. The purpose of this session is to learn about my experiences from service user to practitioner.

2. To learn about the support mechanisms I used to enabled me to overcome both external and internal ableism. 

3. To identify the crucial role my disability plays in supporting my career in the profession. 

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