Why Join: Clinicians

What do I get

  • Access to online modules for consumers
  • Art Activities, Worksheets, Fact Sheets, Flash Cards, Affirmation Cards and MORE!
  • Downloadable Presentations
  • 100+ Evidenced based blogs on the most effective treatment approaches for working in mental health
  • Critical reviews of current evidence
  • Access to webinars delivered by occupational therapists and consumers
  • Relevant and client sensitive practice resources developed by consumer clinicians
  • A community forum with other students and clinicians worldwide
  • Advice and support on becoming an effective clinical supervisor to students
  • Strategies to support students with mental health conditions

Did you know?

  • There is little high quality research available for working with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).
  • Few studies focus on the powerful role of occupational therapy based interventions when working with BPD.
  • Greater use of consumer lived experience is needed
  • BPD is commonly misunderstood and the most stigmatised mental health diagnosis amongst health clinicians.
  • Despite this BPD is treatable and recovery gains can be made!

By joining you are saying ‘Yes’ to:

  • Learning how to partner alongside your clients.
  • Learning how to empower others to make change
  • Gaining skills in managing your own self-care
  • Learning about trauma-informed care.
  • And improve the outcomes of those living with mental health conditions

And much more to come in 2020!

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