Mark Russi

My Potential is excited to announce our Lived Experience Occupational Therapist speaker Mark Russi.

Aspire Injury Management (Aspire Support)

Mark lives with a complete T1 spinal cord injury that was sustained in a MVA in 2004.

Master of Advanced Healthcare Practice, Bachelor of Occupational Therapy


The aim of this presentation is to demonstrate that rehabilitation following a traumatic event should be more focused on identifying and engaging in meaningful activity. 

The presentation uses my personal experience sustaining and living with spinal cord injury to show how the most rewarding and satisfying path is not necessarily the most obvious

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As an occupational therapist, I have successfully advocated for clients and people living with disability. A recent example of this was representing a client at the Administrative Appeals Tribuneral (AAT) to overturn the denial of an assistive technology that was requested from the NDIS.

As a Transport Accident Commission client, I have successfully advocated for my own supports and services, both with and without legal intervention. 

I have advocated and increased the number of accessible car parking spaces at Monash University, when I was completing my undergraduate degree at Monash Peninsula campus.

Prior to beginning my undergraduate degree, I was a member of the Frankston Disability Access and Inclusion Committee and the Transpot Accident Commission Consumer panel.

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