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Lived Experience Occupational Therapy Summit

My Potential is excited to announce our Lived Experience Occupational Therapist speaker Meagan Hanks.

Meagan Hanks

Inclusive Practice Education: Using the Literature for Planning and Support of Occupational Therapy Student Placements in Australia

Aim: To review the barriers and enablers in supporting students with disability on placement and support advocacy in this space.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To understand the challenges students with disability face on clinical placement
  1. To develop awareness of effective strategies to support students with disability

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Meagan is an Australian occupational therapist who began her career in Queensland in 1996 working in an acute mental health unit before moving into other areas of practice including community and forensic settings. She has worked with young people and their families with first onset psychosis, people experiencing mental illness living in community, people experiencing crisis and also consumers with forensic and legal concerns. She has also worked collaboratively with police in the development of protocols for supporting people with mental illness and provided mental health training across rural and remote Northern Queensland. After 11 years of mental health clinical practice Meagan moved into a clinical education support role, providing assistance and support to occupational therapy students, their educators and new graduates. She is also an adjunct lecturer at James Cook University in Townsville where she has supported curriculum development and provided contract services since 2011. In 2020 Meagan completed her Masters of Disability Policy and Practice at Flinders University. She has a special interest in supporting positive placement outcomes for students with a disability and diverse learning needs. Meagan has personal experience of neurodiversity within her own family and is passionate about the development and nurturing of advocacy skills and supports for students with disability.

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