My Potential’s Team

My Potential was developed after Laura’s experience of being a health professional with a diagnosis of BPD. During my journey through the health care system, I recognised the unmet needs, the poor treatment and stigma people with BPD experience.
My Potential was developed so that we could support consumers, assist therapists and help the community to learn more about living with a mental health condition.

Laura Thyer

Manager and Founder

Laura is an extremely passionate Occupational Therapists, Educator and Researcher. Laura is completing her Doctorate studies in the use of creative arts and mental health.

Knowledge and Experience:

  • Trauma and its impact on the body
  • Partnering with Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression
  • Facilitating groups
  • Creating safe spaces for people to feel comfortable
  • Completing training in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Understanding of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness and the Creative Arts
  • Advocating for the needs and rights of people with a mental illness.
  • However, my greatest knowledge is my
    Lived experience of mental illness including the challenges, stigma, and pain this can bring.

Laura is also available to offer lectures and workshops to professional and general audiences on topics including:

OT for BPD Team


Occupational Therapist
Mental Health Advocate

Hey all! I’m Ozias a mental health OT from London, England (graduated in 2015). I’m also a mental health service user. 
I’m a massive Harry Potter fan (I’m in Slytherin if you’re wondering 😂), and a bibliophile, both of which have been crucial in my recovery journey. 
In October 2018, I went back to uni to study Child & Adolescent Mental Health (Advanced Practitioner) MSc, so I’m often found lurking in coffee shops surrounded by journal articles 🤓 
I’m really excited to be joining the OT for BPD page, and I hope that I can use my experiences to benefit some of you, and that we can advocate OT for BPD together


Occupational Therapist

Hello everyone! My name is Anya, I recently completed my Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree, and I am extremely excited about being a part of this community, and I very much look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you all and working together to advocate for the importance of occupational therapy for BPD!”  
On a more personal note, some things about me are that I love animals (especially my two beautiful pets Adam and Nikita), I love music and going to concerts, and I have recently developed a strong passion for exercise as a way to manage my own mental health. 


Co Author
Occupational Therapy Student

I hope to help any people with conditions that inhibit their ability to participate in valued occupations, tasks, and activities, as I believe they are an essential part of identity, health and happiness. My favourite occupation is hiking, where I move through the forest literally and metaphorically!

I’m excited to work with stigmatised and marginalised population groups, and hope to build positive connections between these groups and other members of the community. When “I” is replaced with “We”, “Illness” becomes “Wellness”!

By sharing my lived experience, I hope I can help others in similar circumstances not feel so alone. I look forward to advocating for people with BPD with all of you – looking at this condition with kindness, empathy, compassion and a sense of humour!

I also love animals – here I am with my gorgeous girl Annie.

Guest Writers

Tauni Malmgren, OT/S

Northern Arizona University
Interested in helping PWUD through the lens of harm reduction? Join the private group for Occupational Therapists for Harm Reduction:

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