What can I do to help my recovery process?

There are many treatments, support options and professionals willing to help you. Before progressing to the other modules in the 2020 Grow Course is it important that you have people such as a doctor, a psychologist, and psychiatrist supporting you. There are also many other important health care professionals that you could speak to your GP about accessing such as occupational therapy, social work, nursing, nutrition and physiotherapy.

Assistance Dogs your questions answered

Three years ago Lily came into our lives. You changed us, are healing us, energising us, protecting u, loving us and have saved us. A dogs purpose knows no bounds. Please watch my video Assistance Dogs – Your Questions Answered Please note: Service dogs can not be patted or interacted with. By doing so you areContinue reading “Assistance Dogs your questions answered”

When you judge me, do you judge you?

Judement is such as easy thing to do. I would say it is an automatic thought that helps us feel better about ourselves at the expense of another. Often this judgement comes from people who are suffering and see themselves poorly. How do I know? Because I was a judger. I judged everything and everyone.Continue reading “When you judge me, do you judge you?”

God and my Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes I look for a person or a reason for an answer to my Borderline Personality Disorder. And question why I have experienced particular traumas in my life. Undoubtedly there are reasons why I do have this mental health condition, but lack of faith is not one. Sometimes when I am in despair, I thinkContinue reading “God and my Borderline Personality Disorder”

11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness

I often get asked, “how did you accept that you have BPD?”. There is no simple answer to this as everyone’s life history and values are different. However, through reflecting there are some things that I know that has helped me accept that I have this chronic illness. The Past:When my doctor first suggested theContinue reading “11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness”