How to be friends with a borderline

Today on my newsfeed was an image about International Friendship Day. Only several hours before I had been writing a letter to a friend explaining how they had hurt me. A letter that was written for therapeutic reasons, rather than the intention of sending it. After seeing this message regarding International Friendship Day I brokeContinue reading “How to be friends with a borderline”

A letter to all of those suffering in silence

Ever since I was little, I was surrounded by information and news and discussions around physical health and physical illness. I heard about diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, stroke, weight loss, weight gain, an endless list. Why did I never hear these same discussions being had about mental health and mental illness?

Grieving for someone who is alive

Her smell, her embrace, her laugh, her seriousness, her favourite colour, her jewellery, our jokes, our late night sleep overs. I remember how much I loved her, how intensely I needed her acceptance, validation and her friendship. I remember making promises of a life time of friendship and jokes of being an “aunty” to herContinue reading “Grieving for someone who is alive”

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