A Huge Day For BPD

Occupational Therapy Lecturer opens up about her life with Borderline Personality Disorder and how her teachers helped her access help

Physical Activity Tip 1

Something I’m not great at is looking after is my physical health. It’s like my mental health has completely consumed the energy I have to look after my physical well-being. But as Ozias shared the two are not isolated and greatly influence each other.
So if you’re like me I hope to journey with you. I’ll be posting some of my physical workouts and my meals.

Kick starting a healthier you!

GUEST WRITER LISA LICCIARDI – shares her important healthy eating tips! As someone who struggles with eating this is great advice

God and my Borderline Personality Disorder

Sometimes I look for a person or a reason for an answer to my Borderline Personality Disorder. And question why I have experienced particular traumas in my life. Undoubtedly there are reasons why I do have this mental health condition, but lack of faith is not one. Sometimes when I am in despair, I thinkContinue reading “God and my Borderline Personality Disorder”

How to be an effective clinical supervisor

Strategies on how to be an effective supervisor Recently I’ve been involved in interviewing clinical educators in their role of educating allied health students. It made me think Back to when I was an occupational therapy student and the amazing supervisors I had during my studies. Clinical educators that I developed friendships with and stillContinue reading “How to be an effective clinical supervisor”

11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness

I often get asked, “how did you accept that you have BPD?”. There is no simple answer to this as everyone’s life history and values are different. However, through reflecting there are some things that I know that has helped me accept that I have this chronic illness. The Past:When my doctor first suggested theContinue reading “11 steps towards accepting your Mental illness”

I Should Be Better by Now…They Said

I should be better by now, that’s what they said. (Trigger Warning) An important part of a conversation I had yesterday with my psychologist. Me: They said I would be better now, they said that this would pass. That happier times would come. I’ve been living like this since I can remember. I’ve been inContinue reading “I Should Be Better by Now…They Said”