Assessing Your Sleep Quality and Patterns

Sleep Quality Checklist Why assess your sleep? Through assessing your sleep patterns you may identify factors that are influencing the quality and quantity of sleep. You can also try using strategies and see how this helps your sleep patterns. In doing so you identify which is the most helpful strategy for you.

Creating a Sleep Routine

A sleep routine can be hard to stick to. This routine can be particularly hard if you sleep in different locations, work night or late shifts, have a disability or struggle to switch off from the stress of the day. This post is part of a series looking at sleep.

The 2020 Growing Together Program

OT for BPD is developing its first learning program! The 2020 Growing Together is a set of modules (lessons) whereby we learn about what makes up mental health and how we can enhance our life to live with increased purpose and meaningfulness.

Service dog’s Welcomed

On numerous occasions, we have been told to leave the premises, which is against laws protecting people with a service dog.
To raise awareness of the discrimination that is occurring and reduce this from occurring, I am asking business owners to partner with OTforBPD and join The Welcomed List.