What can I do to help my recovery process?

There are many treatments, support options and professionals willing to help you. Before progressing to the other modules in the 2020 Grow Course is it important that you have people such as a doctor, a psychologist, and psychiatrist supporting you. There are also many other important health care professionals that you could speak to your GP about accessing such as occupational therapy, social work, nursing, nutrition and physiotherapy.

15 ways to Reduce Idolising People

In general, I either LOVE or hate you. To be truthful I don’t hate anyone. But when I like someone they become my obsession the only thing I think about. 

Grocery Shopping with a disability

Do you find shopping hard? Overwhelming, painful or exhausting? This post shares energy saving strategies you could use to make shopping easier for you and your family

Anatomy of a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group session

Currently I’m attending a 20-week Dialectical Behaviour Therapy group class. I’ll be blogging about my experiences and what I learn.

What we are not

y first exposure to BPD was many years ago. Totally unaware of BPD I was scared and confused. I had been previously informed that these clients were “difficult and challenging”. Afraid that I would say something wrong I maintained my distance and judgment.

How to be friends with a borderline

Today on my newsfeed was an image about International Friendship Day. Only several hours before I had been writing a letter to a friend explaining how they had hurt me. A letter that was written for therapeutic reasons, rather than the intention of sending it. After seeing this message regarding International Friendship Day I brokeContinue reading “How to be friends with a borderline”

“You should be locked up and the key thrown away”

Trigger Warning Two weeks ago, I was confronted by a fellow Aussie. He told me “That I am crazy and, should be locked up with the key thrown away”. Initially, when I read the comments it felt like my soul had just been trampled on. And I started to question myself. AM I? SHOULD IContinue reading ““You should be locked up and the key thrown away””