Occupational Therapy and the PD Stigma

This is an open letter to colleagues far and wide, in the UK and across the pond. With an estimated 1 in 4 adults having a diagnosable mental health condition, chances are not only will a portion of your caseload have a mental illness, but there’s odds that so will some of your colleagues. IContinue reading “Occupational Therapy and the PD Stigma”

How dancing helps Borderline Personality Disorder

As I have never been great with words, I looked to dance as a way of finding meaning amongst the chaos.

OT and ED

OT & ED A month ago I had my first emergency department (ED) experience after an attempted overdose. The whole experience, despite being terrifying, has made me so frustrated over – what is the role of ED? And what is the role of OT in ED? 🖼 Setting the scene: It was a Monday morning, andContinue reading “OT and ED”

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