Therapy Tips Working with BPD

Working collaboratively with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) requires creative and empathetic thinking from health professionals. However, by implementing the following strategies, health professionals can enhance their therapeutic alliance with individuals with BPD and improve their clinical outcomes. Thanks for reading! Want to know more about BPD? See our ‘Understanding BPD Webinar’.If you wouldContinue reading “Therapy Tips Working with BPD”

15 ways to Reduce Idolising People

In general, I either LOVE or hate you. To be truthful I don’t hate anyone. But when I like someone they become my obsession the only thing I think about. 

A Huge Day For BPD

Occupational Therapy Lecturer opens up about her life with Borderline Personality Disorder and how her teachers helped her access help

Grocery Shopping with a disability

Do you find shopping hard? Overwhelming, painful or exhausting? This post shares energy saving strategies you could use to make shopping easier for you and your family

Are you fit to practice?

Fitness to Practice as a studentFrom Ozias 🐧 Speaking as someone who had a few Fitness to Practice reviews while doing my undergrad, and am now facing one as a postgrad, I know how terrifying this process can be. And it can evoke a lot of anger and resentment towards uni too, and that’s important toContinue reading “Are you fit to practice?”

What we are not

y first exposure to BPD was many years ago. Totally unaware of BPD I was scared and confused. I had been previously informed that these clients were “difficult and challenging”. Afraid that I would say something wrong I maintained my distance and judgment.