The Lived Experience Occupational Therapy Conference

The Lived Experience Occupational Therapy Conference

A conference showcasing the expertise and unique perspective of Occupational Therapists who have a lived experience of a disability, injury, illness, impairment or an experience of inequality.

Cut off Date for presenters to submit their presentation proposal – 1st September


The Lived Experience Occupational Therapy Platform is a collection of videos that will focus on the value of supporting people with all types of experience.

We believe that people all of us hold a narrative that can be used creatively to support our clients. We invite you to share and be involved in sharing your lived experience. Presenters are both consumers, educators, researchers and professionals within Occupational Therapy and other Allied Health Disciplines.

Presenters include those with:

  • A direct lived experience of an illness, injury and/or disability experience.
  • Those that have experienced social injustice
  • Those who are passionate about co-design
  • Educators and researchers
  • Consumers and Activists

Why attend?

  • Learn to cultivate your own lived experience into your practice
  • Learn to appreciate your own narrative
  • Become more knowledgeable on working with a range of experiences
  • Learn how to incorporate and harness the lived experience of other
  • Deeper your passion for client-centred practice
  • Support professionals who are advocating on your behalf.

We believe there is no better way to learn than from someone who has both studied and applied Occupational Therapy to their life.

It is anticipated that this event will lead to improved client-centred and evidence-based treatment for our communities.

Be ready to be amazed by the incredible and inspiring journey’s that this conference will share!

If you would like to be informed of updated please email to share your interest In attending or presenting!



  1. To empower Occupational Therapists to incorporate the lived experience knowledge and experience into their practice.
  2. To validate and acknowledge those who are occupational therapists managing the challenges of a health condition.
  3. To build the lived experience occupational therapy workforce
  4. To be innovating and creative in empowering the Occupational Therapy profession to be evidenced and client focused.

Become a Presenter

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