Kelsey Pringle – Bulimia Nervosa

Lived Experience Occupational Therapy Teleconference
1st -3rd December

My Potential is excited to announce our Lived Experience Occupational Therapist speaker Kelsey Pringle

Kelsey Pringle

Occupational Therapist
Director/Owner of Ready OT Pty Ltd

The lived experience of Bulimia Nervosa and its friends depression and anxiety from an occupational therapy perspective.

Aim: To provide an occupational therapy perspective on the challenges of bulimia nervosa and co-morbidities depression and anxiety.

Learning Objectives:

To bring awareness to the challenges of treatment and recovery associated with bulimia nervosa.

To review how the model of human occupation can support recovery, purpose and self-identity.

To reflect on how the ‘readiness’ of an individual can impact therapeutic outcomes. To explore the opportunities occupational therapy can have supporting those with MDD, Bulima Nervosa and Anxiety.

Interventions: MOHO, Recovery, Occupational Focus


Kelsey is an Occupational Therapist in Melbourne Australia. Kelsey is the director of ‘Ready OT’.


BA Honours Occupational Therapy

This Presentation is supported by Ready OT

Ready OT

Ready OT is a mental health occupational therapy service. We believe in opportunity and possibilities to improve quality of life for those living with mental illness. We work with clients, their families and support networks, by empowering them to embrace change and create a life of purpose, meaning and belonging, irrespective of diversity.

Services Provided by Ready OT

Providing Occupational Therapy services to participants and their support teams within the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Therapeutic support for adolescents, adults and families who experience the impact of mental ill health.

Provides functional assessments for individuals living with various mental health diagnoses and chronic pain to assist with accessing funding under the NDIS.

Medicare rebates available to those who require counselling and support through various hardships and life changes.

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