The Wabi Sabi Collection

My Art Therapy Beginnings – The Wabi Sabi Collection 

Jewellery making is a hobby is an occupation I use to de-stress and help people appreciate themselves.

My values are influenced by the theory of Wabi Sabi.

That in imperfection we truely find our strengths and beauty. That the discarded, unique and sometimes unremarkable can 

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My jewellery journey began in April 2017 after a friend gave me her jewellery making kit. I had never made Jewellery and had spent most of my time exploring painting and drawing. However, I was struggling to paint something that wasn’t of perfection.

Jewellery and me was something that never went. I would hate wearing anything that would draw attention to myself. Filled with so much self hate, I didn’t want anything that would be seen in the eyes of someone else as ‘pretty’ or ‘desirable’. In fact I would hide myself under layers of make up, afraid to show my true self.

Today, jewellery making is one way God is sustaining and healing me. As I make each piece I am transported to a place where time and pain does not exist. It is amazing how one small bead can build, change and inspire growth and transformation….

Big Thankyou to those that have motivated me in this journey, to actually sell my pieces. Thankyou to those that have kindly donated beads, tools and parts.

Thankyou to everyone who has encouraged me in this transformation.


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