Adult Mental Health Support
Servicing Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Welcome to My Potential

My Potential is mental health service dedicated to empowering adults with a mental health condition

to reach their occupational dreams, goals and Potential.

We are focused on empowering adults to feel connected and build the life skills needed to live, work and care for themselves and others.

Mental Health Occupational Therapy

Support Groups

Creative Arts

Build Daily Living Skills

Community and Connection

Occupational therapists are health care providers focused on supporting people to participate in their valued daily activities or occupations. This is anything and everything that you do in your daily life that helps you live, and gives your life purpose including self-care (e.g. dressing, toileting and showering), enjoying your life (leisure e.g. play and recreation activities), and productivity e.g. employment, volunteering or student roles

Trauma Specific Support

Dialetical Behaviour Therapy

Trauma informed Care

Creative Arts

Recovery Focused

Healing the Shattered Self

Divorce and Separation Support for Women

Support Groups

Build Confidence

Find Hope

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